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Education Workshops

Orange Medical Marijuana believes Cannabis education is the key to unlocking patient rights and bringing awareness of the medicinal benefits. Our educational workshops, led by experienced industry experts and leaders are designed to provide patients with a “hands-on” learning approach. The open discussion format allows for individual patients to discuss their specific needs and build community with fellow patients.

Workshops are held throughout the week and selected Saturdays. Check the calendar for the workshop schedule and give us a call to get learning now.

Cultivation Workshops -

Learn to Grow Your Own Medicine!

Come learn everything you need to know to start growing your own high quality medicine! Learn how to grow a continuous supply of medicine within the limits of Prop 215 and SB420. Say good bye to $50+ eights and KNOW your medicine is clean and safe.  Get all your grow questions answered and get growing TODAY!

Cultivation Basics

Gro 101 – Cannabis Life Cycle – Basic review of cannabis life cycle from propagation through canning your harvest.

Plan, design and set up your grow space - Review of basic supplies and hardware to set up your grow space for any budget. (Begin growing your own medicine for as little as $100 start up!)

Gro 102 – Propagation Techniques – Basic propagation techniques for seed germination and cloning. How to care for seedlings and cuttings, and what equipment you need to best care for your newborns. Our grow guru provides a hands on demonstration using a mother plant to show you how to produce cuttings and clones for your next grow.

Gro 103 - Vegetation and Flowering Stages – Review of vegetation and flowering stages, light cycle, nutrients and pest control. Grow guru discusses and instructs the best practices and preventative maintenance for pest control and elimination.

Harvest, Cure and Can – After all your hard work , efforts and time investment, harvesting and curing your medicine is the essential payoff stage. Grow gurus provide in depth harvesting, drying, curing and canning techniques to insure your crop yields the desired results. This most critical stage helps to insure your medicine is free from mold and tastes Budeliciuos .

Education Workshops

Patient’s Rights WorkshopKnow your rights! What are the laws protecting me from arrest? What are the differences between Prop 215 and SB 420? How do I handle an encounter with law enforcement? How do I become a Department of Public Health Service registered Primary Caregiver? Answers to all your questions concerning your rights as a patient are answered in this workshop.

Advanced Grow

Perpetual Harvest – A “system and approach” designed for patients to get started growing and harvesting their medicine within 60 days and every 30 days thereafter. This system and approach helps speed up the learning curve and provides patients a unique mentoring experience while they hone their growing skills.

Harvest  Max I – Learn to maximize the cannabis plant by making Cannabutter from the “trash and trimmings.” Once you’ve learned this technique you’ll be cooking and baking delicious edibles as part of your daily diet.

Harvest Max II - Learn other ways to convert “trash and trimmings” to maximize your harvest making water hash, tinctures and other concentrates. Many  supporters believe ingesting highly concentrated cannabis (THC) increases the medicinal benefits, especially for terminally ill patients.

To register please contact us to reserve your seat today!

Local: 714.602.5530
Toll-Free: 866.653.4905
Or send us an email & we will send you a confirmation as soon as we can!

How to get a medical marijuana recommendation.

  1. Call, or fill out the form below to make an appointment.
  2. Bring your medical documentation and valid California ID.
  3. That day, you’ll know if your doctor has recommended you for medical marijuana.

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